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About Us

 Healing Hooves is a space where the interaction with animals, nature and our facility is welcomed and embraced. We offer an array of programs and services, as well as partnership opportunities. These offerings cater to local business owners, corporations, horse owners, and families.


​Fostering an environment where there is a connection between nature, animals and people can create a grounding, meditative, healing and educational experience. Our mission is to maintain an environment of that nature and have it be widely accessible.

Healing Hooves  is proud to be a founding member of the Arenas for Change (ARCH) community of professional collaboration and excellence. ARCH  is an online platform with a growing collection of virtual & hands-on courses to help those in the well-being industry advance your learning, be part of a vibrant community, and grow a business.

As a founding member of Arenas for Change, Healing Hooves is actively engaged with worldwide industry thought leaders and colleagues dedicated to continuous personal and professional development and innovation, providing the best services we can for our clients.​

Our membership with ARCH allows us to productively support growth when in partnership with mental health professionals by  incorporating horses into the session, as well as corporations and coaches who come to do professional leadership training. We are happy to accommodate different group sizes and the large facility enables a diverse experience even when visiting multiple times.

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Meet Our Team

Sally Hildreth


Owner of Eagle Hill Farm and co-founder of Healing Hooves. Sally grew up in Maine but stayed in Maryland after finishing college. A life long horse enthusiast, she ran a boarding facility and competed in dressage and eventing. Returning home in 2003, she built Eagle Hill Farm and has been enjoying it privately. Compelled to share the experience of connecting with the horses, she opened the facility in 2017 to conduct equine assisted therapy sessions. Sally became certified as an equine specialist in 2017 under the Eagala model and now looks forward to completing facilitation training with ARCH.


2017 was a big year for Sally - in the fall she met her husband David Dyer. They married in 2020 and are looking forward to opening their doors to offer more options for equine interaction and the enjoyment of the farm's outdoor beauty.

David Dyer

New to the equine world after meeting his wife Sally in 2017, David quickly developed a love for horses, as well as an awareness and respect for their unique abilities. His previous experience includes a brief time spent serving in the United States Air Force where he travelled the country and parts of the world, He returned to New England and then home to Maine where he spent the next two decades dedicated to serving his customers and their equipment wherever their location. Now Eagle Hill Farm, set in beautiful Bowdoinham is his home, one he hopes to share with those interested in wellness, a love of nature, and personal growth. Having discovered first hand the powerful insight and experiences one can have with equine, David believes everyone can benefit from simple contact and time spent among horses.

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