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"I saw first hand how quickly this form of psychotherapy can work..."  


From a participant after attending a recent event:

This was an absolutely amazing experience!! Great group of Ladies. Can't wait to go back! My heart is full. Thank you.



From a mother's perspective: 

" I feel that the [horses] give my son a non-judgmental safe place to work on the harder aspects of social situations. They give him immediate feedback about what is acceptable and what is not.  They move away from him if he is doing something they don't like, but they don't hold a grudge and seek him right back out as soon as the situation is acceptable for them again”

From a student looking to enter the mental health profession:

I joined ... Healing Hooves as part of a research project I was conducting for my Master’s Degree in Social Work. We were exploring the practice of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy... When we arrived, we found ourselves surrounded by like minded individuals open to exploring and learning about this practice. I had no real idea what I was getting into as it was my first experiential encounter with the practice. I sat listening to other attendees talk about how this practice “just works” and how powerful it can be for people who are open to it. I was so looking forward to these “mock sessions”. Once we were invited into the arena with the horses, [we were given] scenarios to work through as a team. I quickly realized that these were not mock sessions at all, that this therapy is real and unavoidable. I immediately was brought within my own self- assessing my actions, the horses actions, and what that could mean about me as a person. I saw first hand how quickly this form of psychotherapy can work and how cathartic the experience can be. I have to say, I was not expecting that prior to coming to the farm. My classmates and I left feeling so inspired, and realizing how important and truly impactful Equine Assisted Psychotherapy can be for people who are ready to open themselves up to the possibilities. 


From a mental health professional:


Honestly, I was skeptical at first; but then I got in the arena with the horses.  Two of my clients have been working in the arena and the progress they have made working on complex relationships has been more than I had hoped.  The experience of using the horses has helped make gains in our clinical work in a way that ‘talk therapy’ never could. 


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