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We all have our own answers within ourselves.... 


Participating in this experiential model offers the opportunity to learn valuable life skills such as leadership, personal empowerment and emotional fitness. At Healing Hooves we open our doors to provide a private space for mental health professionals to use ground-based interaction with horses to facilitate the therapeutic process. The horses become the focal point in client-driven discovery and analysis.

 Team Building

Additionally Healing Hooves welcomes group leaders and executive coaches needing a space for corporate events. Offer a unique experience for your team members!  We are happy to accommodate different group sizes and the large space enables a diverse experience even when visiting multiple times.

Sally Hildreth

Owner of Eagle Hill Farm and co-founder of Healing Hooves. Sally grew up in Maine but stayed in Maryland after finishing college. In Maryland, she ran a boarding facility and competed in dressage. Returning home in 2003, she built the farm and has been enjoying it privately. Compelled to share the experience of connecting with the horses, she opened the facility in 2017 to conduct EAGALA based sessions.

The serene setting of the farm offers a safe space to host the equine assisted sessions. Sally is  a certified EAGALA Equine Specialist. 


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